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Doggy Do's K9 Retreat
​Our Dog Retreat is a small group of well tempered dogs. It is designed for puppies and medium to small dogs to socialize, lay around, watch animal planet on our cable TV and partake in some gentle play time.  Lager dogs may be appropriate for our small retreat depending on age, temperament, and activity level.  All dogs are briefly evaluated before joining the group; however, the real evaluation will happen over time as we monitor your dog's behavior in the days to come.  Lets face it, you don't know someone until you live with them, right?  We feel we can't possibly do a full evaluation on your dog in one short interview. 
Parents are also evaluated for our retreat services.  Dog on dog play comes with a lot of risks even with calmer, smaller dogs.  There are many things to consider before entering your dog into any kind of dog on dog play.  Along with the obvious injuries like cuts, scrapes, or puncture wounds there are a variety of common communicable diseases which affect dogs.  We strongly recommend that you speak with your veterinarian about these risks and to ensure your dog is healthy enough to participate. 
Parents also have to be willing to handle unforeseeable incidents with a level head. In other words a "football parent". We take every precaution we can to ensure the safety and well being of every dog in our care, however dogs are living beings that can act in unpredictable ways.  Accidents can happen in the safest environments and fights are a possibility with the calmest of dogs.  Think of it like kids at recess: one minute kids are best friends and before you know it someone said the wrong thing and there's a scuffle.  

 We suggest that all applicants visit the website below to learn about the communicable diseases that commonly affect dogs, vaccines, and treatments for said illnesses.

*PLEASE NOTE: We do ask that all puppies are spayed/neutered within  6-12 months of age*
Required Vaccines
Blood titer tests are acceptable


Distemper/Parvo combo 


Bordatella(Kennel Cough)

Canine Influenza 
Full day of daycare: Anytime between 8am - 6pm 

Half day of daycare: 8am - 1pm or 1pm - 8pm

Daily Rates




$27.00 per dog per day

$15.00 per dog per day

10% discount for multiple dogs from the same family

Applies to full days only