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Basic Bath and Brush Out 
Our basic bath and brush out service includes two baths and a conditioner, re moisturizer or cream rinse.  Blow dry and fluff out by hand, de-shedding, nail trimming, ear cleaning, breath freshener and bandanna.  For dogs with longer coats it also includes a touch up to their current hair style.((if applicable)
Doggy Do's Grooming Services & Fees
  At Doggy Do's, we provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 
  Our basic grooming fees are based on $62.00 an hour for general hands on grooming (not the amount of time spent in the salon).                                 Hand stripping, de-matting, extra brushing, special handling and additional 3rd shampooing fees are based on $70.00 per hour.  
Therapeutic shampoos, are included at no additional cost. 
Flea treatments may cost an additional $5-$10.00.

Outside shampoos will not be permitted unless recently prescribed by a veterinarian along with a diagnosis and treatment plan so we can fallow proper usage and professionally assist in your dogs skin treatment.

To avoid the additional fees we recommend keeping a 4-6 week grooming schedule. Walk-ins are always welcome but we do tend to book up about    1-2 weeks in advance. Making appointments in advance is highly recommended. 
​Full Service Grooming
Our full service grooming includes two shampoos and a conditioner, blow dry and fluff out by hand, de-shedding(if applicable), nail trim, ear cleaning, breath freshener, bandanna and full hair cut. 
​Walk In Services
Nail Trim: $12.00 (for existing clients)
                   $15.00 (for general public)

Nail Filing: $17.00 (for existing clients) 
                    $20.00 (for general public) 
​Add On Services & Additional Fees
Teeth Brushing: $10.00 

Nail Filing: $6.00
Late Fee (15 Minutes or later): Flat $7.00

Missed Apt/No Show Fee (less then 1 hour notice): $25.00

Extended Stay Fee (when left for 5 hours or longer in grooming salon unless needed for grooming service turn around time): Flat $7.00